Garage door seals

Are spiders? insects? rodents? finding their way into your garage through the top and side gap of your garage door? Is rain? moisture? wind? leaves? debris? or even dust? somehow finding its way in to your garage? Keep the inside of your garage safe from these pests as well as Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions by completely sealing off your garage side and top gaps forever with this great affordable fix.

These gaps around the edges of garage doors can range from 1cm - 3cm+ - letting all sorts of the animals as well as the outside elements in to your living space at all times of the day. Garage door insulation is a great fix to prevent unwanted heat and cool temperatures entering your garage, resulting is an excellent long-term fix to solving these problems. Upon completion of the garage insulation install, you may find cold winds, water, pests and dust still finding their way into your garage living area through these small to large gaps around the sides of your garage door. These problems can be easily prevented for good by having these gaps sealed up by an experienced professional. A1 Garage Door Insulation offers a 2-year certified warranty on all garage door seal installs, ensuring a various issues will be fixed permanently. Our brush seals are as well flame-retardant - the bristle brush seals help delay the onset of fires and comply with Australian Home Insurance policies.

Benefit of garage door seals

Another great benefit of having garage door seals installed is the long term energy savings they provide. Having both garage door insulation and garage door seals installed in your garage will help keep warm air inside during winter and cooler air inside during summer. This is noticed especially well with garages which have attached internal access to the house as this comfortable air will flow through into the rest of the living space. By sealing these gaps around the edges will safeguard any temperature disruptions within your garage living space, blocking any unwanted heat / cool air from entering.

A1 Garage Door Insulation’s heavy duty garage door seals come with hard wearing weather resistant aluminium carriers, completely securing 99.9% of the top and side gaps along the perimeter of your garage door. We select these seals as they are much more effective and long lasting than usual foam, rubber or alternative garage door seals on the market. All installs for garage door seals are guaranteed to be installed in one day, instantly providing long-lasting protection from dust, draughts, pests, bushfire embers, smoke, driving rain, excess water, and coastal corrosion. A1 Garage Door Insulation also offers a referral discount on all garage door insulation and garage door seals. Be sure to speak with your neighbours, friends and family to bring the total price down!