How It Works

Does your garage get far too hot in summer and freezing cold in the winter? Does your garage let in a lot of noise from the outside? Did you know that by installing garage door insulation will solve BOTH these issues permanently!

Regulate the temperature of your garage

By having garage door insulation installed one-time only, you will be able to keep down the outside noise as well as regulate the temperature of your garage by up to a whopping 20 degrees in some cases!
Proudly Australian made and owned using recycled materials, A1 Garage Door Insulation will custom cut and install thick, construction grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation rigid boards right in between the back of each of your garage door panels. A1 Garage Door Insulation’s rigid boards also contain a firm aluminium coating on both sides of each board, stuck on by a heat proof adhesive – acting as a radiant barrier reflecting heat (as well as cold) away from your home’s garage.

Extremely minimal thermal conductivity

The EPS board also has extremely minimal thermal conductivity due to its closed-cell structure, consisting of 98% air. The sleek-look aluminium protective coating on either side of the ridged board also enables you to contain hot / cold air within your garage i.e., turning a portable heater on in the garage enabling the heat to circulate and not exit through your garage door cavity. This dual-action barrier also will reflect any heat / cold away from entering your garage too. Overall, this selection of rigid board will provide excellent thermal insulation properties keeping you and your family comfortable for longer.

Insulating your garage can:

EPS insulation panels

EPS insulation panels also come with outstanding world-renowned sustainability accreditations as they contain no CFCs or HCFCs, are completely recyclable and result in little to no mess once installed on your garage door!
A1 Garage Door Insulation’s rigid boards come with an R-value of 4.0 per square inch. Meaning A1 Garage Door Insulation’s rigid boards offer the most thermal protection on the market, providing your garage door with outstanding insulating properties to keep your garage comfortable no matter the weather.